If you thought March 31 was just the end of another month, think again, as World Backup Day is every March 31. We might have forgotten to hit publish on the story, but that doesn’t mean you can’t backup today, tomorrow, or any other day.

It might seem arduous and a pain in the proverbial, but backing up your data is one of the most useful things you can do on a weekly basis, and if not weekly, at least monthly.

It doesn’t take much, and so much of it can actually be automated, and yet people still find it ridiculously hard to do, even though we are creating data at an astonishing rate, between the documents we’re all working on, the photos we’re taking, the home movies, and so on. Imagine if this were to all just disappear, just like that?

“As the world has evolved from where we have paper records of everything to a world where everything is kept digitally, until people have had “that moment” when they have lost their data they don’t realise the depth of what that lose entails,” said Trend Micro’s Tim Falinski.

“From photos of your holidays or kids, to financial files such as bank statements, we are living in a digital world and need to ensure we develop a routine to back-up our information, like we would do if it was on paper.”

Fortunately, digital is a little easier to backup than paper, which would normally have required a photo copy and a nice place to store each. Digital, on the other hand, merely requires a place to store your information and a copy and paste command, which can be setup to be done automatically by the service, or handled by you manually copying and pasting directories.

Online storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive provide gigabytes of space for all manner of things, though we tend to suggest using these for things that won’t clog your bandwidth, with small things like important documents, details, and the photos you hold precious and dear.

Wireless may be the special feature here, but you'll still be able to plug a computer in if needed.