A price drop for Epson’s EMP-TW1000 high definition projector


The market leading Epson EMP-TW1000 high definition projector is now even more affordable for home cinema enthusiasts at $4,999 RRP including GST.




With true high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, each of the three Epson Crystal Clear Fine[TM] LCD panels gives the EMP-TW1000 the highest resolution available producing stunning images from HD broadcast programs, HD DVD and Blu-ray players.

The world?s first projector with HDMI 1.3 supporting full 10 bit colour processing, the EMP-TW1000 receives double the information available from previous HDMI versions, producing up to 1.07 billion colours that deliver a deep and rich image expression across a broad colour gamut with ultra-smooth tonal gradations.

Designed for cinema-like ambience at home, the EMP-TW1000 has a very high maximum contrast ratio of 12000:1. The enhanced auto iris function regulates brightness and contrast 60 times a second to project clear, detailed, rich and vivid images no matter what the light levels within the scene are.

The EMP-TW1000 allows movies to flow effortlessly across screens in incredibly realistic detail with smooth life-like tones, and is also the perfect partner for professional photographers who want their projected images to have the same rich impact and contrast range as their finest gallery print.

And of course Epson?s 3LCD technology with no moving parts and no interruptions to the light path generates bright, natural images, and smooth, sharp playback of action scenes with no colour break-up (rainbow effect), while operating at lower temperatures than other projections systems.

The new lens with a wide 2:1 zoom ratio increases the range of set up options on the EMP-TW1000 by allowing for forward and backward movement in relation to the screen. The short focus lens can project a large 100 inch screen from approximately 3 metres.

Featured in the EMP-TW1000 is a flexible vertical and horizontal lens shift function which increases the various set up options by allowing users to reposition the image without compromising image quality.

The ETORL lamp system has an in-built cinema filter which allows for wider colour spaces and colour purity. This Epson innovation can optically adjust the colour tone for accurate colour reproduction.

The Epson EMP-TW1000 is available through selected AV specialists.

Source: Epson