Acer draws from all-in-one, makes a monitor just like it

One of the less enticing parts of Windows 8 is how so much of the operating system wishes you had a touch screen. Swipe down, up, right, and left, or hold an icon down with your finger to move it.

While many probably won’t have a touchscreen to make use of Windows 8, monitor manufacturers are trying to do their best to fix that, and Acer is this week adding a new touchscreen display to that mix.

With a similar design to the desktops we saw just before Windows 8 was launched, the Acer T2 is a 23 inch touchscreen monitor packing in the regular 10 point of multi-touch, Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, and a selection of ports to plug things in on, including DVI, HDMI, and USB 3.0.

The same style of stand is also used, which protrudes from the back and allows the screen to lean, and can even be adjusted up to 60 degrees, so you can see it from different positions.

Windows 8 certification is included for the monitor, meaning it will likely work best – at least the touch connectivity – in a Windows 8 environment, though it should work with other operating systems as well.

Pricing has been set locally for the monitor, with a recommended retail price of $699 and availability in stores now.