Acerpure range cleans your air and floors, now in Australia

Acerpure Pro air purifier launch
Acerpure Pro Vero. Image: supplied.

Acer, known for its wide range of computers, has ventured further into home appliances, bringing air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and more to Australia. Dubbed the “Acerpure” range, the brand also plans to launch beauty and cooking devices to compete with the likes of Dyson.

Air purifiers may seem a big sidestep for Acer, but there’s clearly a market it’s seeking to capitalise on. One in five Australians have hay fever, while nearly three million report having asthma. Air quality is a hot topic, particularly in Melbourne, following recent reporting on Southern Cross Station.

Although your options are limited when outdoors, Google Maps can help identify poor air quality. There are also devices like the Atmotube Pro that provide you with information wherever you are, and the Dyson Zone headphones tried a novel approach to personal air quality.

Indoors, you have more options, including indoor air quality monitors, and air purifiers, which is what Acer is making a big push towards. As part of its Acerpure range, multiple air purifier and fan models have come to Australia.

Acerpure range cleans air

At the top of Acer’s new home appliances is the Acerpure Pro UVC Air Purifier designed for both homes and offices. It includes a four-in-one high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which is an important thing to look out for when choosing an air purifier.

Additionally, the Pro UVC model uses ultraviolet light technology to tackle nasties in the air. Interestingly, Acer’s premium purifier reportedly covers areas of up to 116 square metres, which is more than Dyson’s Big + Quiet model. It does cost a pretty penny, though, retailing at $1,599.

On the more affordable end of the scale is the Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 model. At $599, it doubles as both a fan and an air purifier, with a HEPA filter and UVC tech. It’s more suited to smaller rooms, with a reported coverage of 45 square metres.

Even cheaper yet is the Acerpure Pro Vero Eco air purifier, coming in at $369. While it still has a HEPA filter, this model does away with ultraviolet light purification. It still covers 47.5 square metres, which should be enough for most rooms in the home. Acer’s big point of difference is its approach to sustainable technology. Consistent with its Vero range of laptops, the air purifier’s chassis uses 35% recycled materials.

Acer has more than just air on the mind in its quest to join Australian homes. Other than a pedestal fan, there’s also a cordless Acerpure Clean Lite stick vacuum arriving at an affordable $199 price point. Weighing just 550 grams, it’s a light appliance, but that’s not what stands out. Its cleaning head takes the angular shape of an arrow, designed to thoroughly clean corners around the house. The Clean Lite also charges via USB-C, and packs a 13,000Pa suction power.

While unexpected, more choice and competition certainly don’t hurt. Briefly teased, expect to see more Acer-branded appliances in the future, with beauty and cooking devices arriving over the next year. The initial Acerpure range is out now in Australia, with available devices listed on the brand’s website.

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