Amaysim to get 4G in 2015

Budget telco Amaysim has one of the highest customer approval ratings for mobile phone providers, and yet it doesn’t have high-speed 4G mobile internet. But it will next year.

In 2015, Amaysim will finally have that 4G LTE connection its users have been craving, and while the 5-10Mbps speeds of its current 3G networks are pleasing enough, a much faster download rate will be attainable for customer on the Amaysim network next year.

That’s because Optus and Amaysim have recently renewed their agreement for Amaysim to use the Optus network, and this time, 4G access is part of the deal.

“We’re thrilled to be solidifying our partnership with Optus into 2015 and beyond with a long-term wholesale agreement which continues to give us access to the latest technologies such as 4G,” said Julian Ogrin, Managing Director at Amaysim.

“With the Optus 4G network expanding rapidly, and with more and more Australians looking for SIM-only mobile services, we’re well-placed to accelerate our journey as the leading low-cost mobile service provider in Australia,” said Ogrin.

Amaysim isn’t expected to roll out 4G plans for either post-paid or prepaid until March or April next year (2015), and the company confirmed with us this week that it won’t be providing access to current customers until around the same time, with Amaysim’s Ged Mansour telling GadgetGuy that “around Easter is the current timeframe.”

That said, it has been selling 4G mobile phones and tablets for a while now, or at least selling them with the help of an international partner, with some particularly exotic phones that haven’t been officially released here.

They all should work on the current 3G network Amaysim operates on, and many of them should work on the 4G network, with Amaysim confirming to us that it will “have access to all 4G spectrum bands, including new spectrum being launched soon.”

Regardless of the handset choices, we’re keen to see what Amaysim will do in regards to plans. Previously, the company has gained attention for both prepaid and postpaid options, and if it manages to shake up the 4G market, we’re sure quite a few more people will take notice.