AMD shows off new Fusion technology in an upcoming Acer tablet

Powered by AMD’s new Fusion technology, Acer plans to launch a slate device later this year to compete in the Apple dominated tablet market.

Acer’s AMD-powered tablet can be docked with a keyboard to create a netbook-convertible.

Running on Windows 7, our brief glimpse of the tablet showed it to be built on a 10.1 inch screen and running AMD’s Fusion, a technology that puts a dual-core CPU, HD video power, and 3D graphics acceleration on the one processor.

While we’re not sure if this iPad competitor has enough specs outside of Fusion to hit Apple’s tablet out of the park, we have been told that Acer’s product is likely to hit a $799 price tag in Australia when it gets released later this year.

While there was no confirmed release date, we have been told to expect this product by the end of March.