Avatar 3D to be a Panasonic exclusive until 2012

You were looking forward to grabbing a copy of Avatar for your new 3D TV, weren’t you? Tough luck, it seems, as James Cameron’s blockbuster won’t be making its way to you until 2012 unless you purchase a Panasonic 3D TV.

Sources are suggesting that Panasonic’s holiday bundle deal offering Avatar in 3D to Panasonic 3D TV buyers will last until February 2012, likely making the title an exclusive for Panasonic until that time. Meaning unless you buy a Panasonic 3D TV (or scour eBay), you won’t be bringing the three-dimensional world of Pandora to your living room any time soon.

We’re not sure if this is the best idea for Fox, but it makes a lot of sense for Panasonic. With one of the world’s biggest 3D movies as an exclusive for the next year, this could push sales of Panasonic Viera 3D TVs ridiculously.

Or it might not, and everyone will just stick to watching the regular old 2D version.