Avoid broadband blackouts with Telstra’s new home internet gateway

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Telstra has launched an Australian-first solution for its home customers that helps them set up Internet connections sooner, and stay connected during Internet blackouts. Called the Telstra Gateway Frontier with ‘hybrid’ technology, this all-in-one router combines a 4G modem with a standard fixed line modem. The net result is a system that can rely on a mobile connection when when no broadband service is available, such as during the waiting period when connecting to the Internet at new dwelling or during a service outage.

As Telstra expects that hundreds of thousands of Australians will move home, swap to a new broadband service or transition to the NBN this year, the Telstra Gateway Frontier helps remove the frustration of being without home internet during the switch-over.

The Telstra Gateway Frontier gateway will sense when there’s a broadband service outage, and automatically switch to the 4G mobile network so families can continue to access the internet for streaming video, browsing or looking up information.

Telstra’s Gateway Frontier modem will only work over the Telstra Mobile Network in homes within 4G coverage areas. Speeds are limited to up to 6/1 Mbps.

“…as our customers adopt more smart home technologies, staying online becomes even more integral as households connect to services such as remote monitoring, in-home voice assistants and home automation,” Telstra Executive Director of Home and Business Products, Stuart Bird said.

While there’s no additional cost to customers when the Telstra Gateway Frontier switches to the 4G mobile network, speeds will be limited to just 6 megabits per second downstream and 1 megabit per second upstream, which is similar to a typical ADSL connection.

The Telstra Gateway Frontier will be available to customers on ADSL, Cable and NBN from 14 February. Between 14 Feb and 27 March – new and existing customers can purchase the Frontier for $216 outright or $9 per month for 24 months when taking up an eligible 24 month home bundle on a hardware repayment option.