Breathe easy with Smartmi and Jya air purifiers

Tech juggernaut Xiaomi – pronounced Shau-mee – brings a range of clever and powerful air purifiers to your home under the Smartmi and Jya brands. This trio of purifiers won’t just freshen up the place by zilching whiffs, they may actively protect you from harmful allergens like pollen and dander.

Jya Fjord: Air or art? 

The Jya Fjord ($699) is a top-tier purifier with grunt – not that you’ll hear it at work, since it can whisper away at 19dB (in sleep mode). The Scandinavian-style minimalist look is touted as “a piece of home decoration art”, and while that might be subjective, it boasts a handy touch-control OLED display that lets you monitor an air quality index in real-time, and manage the filter.

The Fjord has a four-stage purification system that monitors five air quality metrics, including PM 2.5, PM 10, TVOCs, temperature and humidity. A pre-filter traps large particles – and by large, we mean pollen and dust. A layer called NanoGuard nabs bacteria and other teeny evils, including E.coli, golden staph, Streptococcus pneumonia, and 99.99% of other 0.1 micrometre nasties. The activated carbon layer neutralises odour and some harmful gasses and, finally, there’s a UV steriliser, which has been shown to be effective against viruses.

All this, in a beast of a purifier that can cycle through all the air in a large 54 square-metre room in just 15 minutes, while looking super-stylish. It even has casters for easy repositioning.

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Smartmi Air Purifier: Smaller, just as smart

For smaller homes (and more modest budgets) Smartmi also brings us a pair of air purifiers that drop the Jya branding but keep the cleverness. 

The Smartmi Air Purifier ($349) has a sleek cylindrical design with the signature Smartmi circular display on top (OLED, no less), showing air quality at a glance.

This purifier has an H13 True HEPA filter, which can be up to three times more effective than “traditional” HEPA at neutralising odours, pollen, formaldehyde (it seeps out of your walls, you know), and 99.97% of particles smaller than 0.3mm. 

Apart from purification power, this model is all about easy control in the middle of a busy day. Gesture controls let you turn the purifier on and off and switch modes, with a wave of a hand, whereupon your purifier will proceed to handle up to 48 square metres, which it can turn over in 26 minutes.

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Smartmi Air Purifier P1: Made to move

Need something even more compact? The Smartmi Air Purifier P1 ($299) is all about portability, with an included leather carrying strap (practical and luxe!) and the same footprint as a medium-sized pot plant.

The P1 works best in the bedroom or home office, which it can spritz up in as little as six minutes thanks to its True HEPA filter. Maximum room size is necessarily a little smaller than the other models, at 30 square metres, but the idea with the P1 is you carry it around and set it down next to you.

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Use your hot air, to make clean air

All three models are compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and – unusually for air purifiers – Apple’s HomeKit is also supported – though on the Jya Fjord and P1 only. This means you can control the units via voice assistant, or use an app to get extra details about air quality and the state of their smart filters.

Speaking of smart, these purifiers also feature a Sleep Mode, which turns off the display and drops the noise levels as low as 19dB (that’s really quiet for a fan) on the P1 and the Fjord, and 30dB on the regular Air Purifier – which is still plenty whispery enough for a restful night’s sleep. 

Finally, for those days where all this manual control seems like too much, there’s Smart Auto mode. Just switch the purifier on and let it do its thing, utilising a suite of sensors to keep your air – and your life – as fresh as possible. 

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