Four-in-one cooking from Panasonic

Lovers of multifunction cooking appliances will enjoy Panasonic’s inverter microwave oven that combines four cooking technologies in the one appliance.

The stainless steel Panasonic NN-CS596S combo inverter microwave ($879 RRP) combines microwave-only, grill and fan assisted cooking, as well as combi steam technology (steam power used in conjunction with microwave power).

Offering a 27 litre capacity it features Panasonic’s inverter technology, created for evenly cooked food, reduced spillovers, fewer burnt edges and reducing cooking time.

It also has a ceramic flat oven base with no turntable, accomodating dishes in a range of shapes and sizes with a drop down door for easy access. There are two shelf positions in the oven for flexibility when preparing meals or batch baking.

This microwave oven offers the advantages of a microwave with the addition of a 1.3kw quartz grill, for browning dishes as well as grilling chicken breasts or sausages. The 1,400 watt fan-assisted oven offers temperature settings up to 300 degrees, for dishes such as pizza.

The combi steam function (steam power with microwave power) gives cooks the benefits of steaming (maintaining flavours, retaining moisture, texture and nutrients, ensuring food is appetising and healthy). This function can be combined with the grill or fan assisted oven to create delicious meals in less time than traditional cooking methods.

It has a refillable water at the front of the oven for steaming and there are 16 automatic cooking programs including fresh fish, fresh vegetables, chicken, rice and potatoes, built into the appliance?s memory.

The stainless steel interior with self-cleaning catalytic back lining keeps cleaning to a minimum whilst the automatic cleaning programs steam clean the cavity and maintain oven performance.

Other features include:

  • Six variable power levels
  • Two shelf cooking facility
  • Auto weight cook
  • Turbo bake
  • Auto guide
  • Child lock