GadgetGuy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Photo and video

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Accessories for the camera crowd

What happens when you’re out of ideas for a photographer or a videographer?

You turn to the accessories, and while our list isn’t huge, it’s an assortment of bits and bobs digital camera nuts are sure to appreciate.

Lexar 128GB microSDXC

Price: $128

Remember when memory was expensive? We can, and boy, we’d like to forget about it.

These days, though, memory is as cheap as chips, which is ironic since memory is chips. If someone you know needs a microSD — whether for a phone or camera (like a GoPro, which takes the microSD format) — a 128GB card is a solid upgrade, and very inexpensive for what you get.

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Price: $219

Photo frames are a dead thing, but thanks to an obsession with faux retro images on the photography social network that is Instagram, they may well be coming back, and Instacube is the first one there.

If the name hasn’t given it away, Instacube is a cube-like digital photo frame for Instagram images, taking a slideshow feed from an Instagram user account, hashtag feed, or liked images.

The screen could do with some work, but the concept could grab people obsessed with Instagram who haven’t tried
the whole Instagram on marshmallow concept we checked out last year.

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Canon Selphy CP910 portable printer

Price: $120

If the idea of the Instacube rocks your boat, but you’d prefer to print the photos when you’re out and about, Canon has you covered with a portable printer to do just that.

Think of it as the latest incarnation of those dye-sub printers from a few years ago, but updated with modern tech, featuring wireless support to receive photos directly from iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows, with support for either 6×4 postcards and square sticker paper.

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WD My Passport Wireless

Price: $250 for 1TB, 300 for 2TB

Hard drives are more of a necessary thing for photographers and videographers, but if you need something a little cooler for a gift, it’s time to look at something unusual.

Case in point, the WD wireless edition of its “My Passport” range of external hard drives, bringing a WiFi connection to a portable hard drive and making it possible for up to eight devices to talk to it without cables. If you know someone with a wireless camera, this could be a cool gift idea.

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Apple iMac (2014)

Price: $2999

It might not seem like a very photo-centric gadget, but this year’s iMac is all about the images and video you run through it thanks to the world’s first 5K screen, and not just that, but one inside of an all-in-one machine. If you have the spare cash and want the recipient to scream as they open the box, this is the gadget to get.

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