Garmin builds a bike GPS with support for segments in Strava

Cyclists already familiar with Strava’s locale tracking might be used to uploading their ride after the fact, but with a new GPS, they’ll be able to have it mapped in real time, telling them how they did for each section of road.

Garmin appears to be the first company with a bike GPS ready to go that can connect with Strava’s city mapping service and segment tracking system, allowing riders to see how they’re going in the various segments of roads and tracks around town.

It’s called the Edge 520, and it’s a small GPS computer that you’ll attach to the handlebars to provide tracking and mapping on the 2.3 inch LCD, with up to 15 hours of battery life and the ability to download courses for you to take, providing turn indications and par times for other cyclists who have taken the course already.

“We’re excited to announce the Edge 520 and our strategic relationship with Strava – providing cyclists with the first GPS bike computer to have Strava Live Segments,” said Matt DeMoss, General Manager at Garmin in Australia.

“The Edge 520 taps into cyclists competitive edge and offers them the latest in innovative training tools.”


Among these tools, the Edge 520 is compatible with the various heart rate sensors and cadence tracking offered through similar smart fitness devices, able to send that information to the GPS to provide a fairly stacked set of information about your ride.

The Edge can stay linked to a Bluetooth device like a phone, uploading this information to Garmin’s own systems, or even that of Strava, which is used by cyclists and athletes to track times for a circuit or track, and various segments.

That last part is one of the big deals here, with the segments of courses uploaded in real time on the Edge 520, with support for other Garmin bike GPS units later on, including the Edge 510, 1000, and 810.


Pricing for the Garmin Edge 520 starts at $399, though a variant will be made available with heart-rate monitor, speed sensor, and cadence tracking sensor for a recommended retail price of $499. Expect both of these to arrive in stores this month.