Greater control from microwave cooking with Panasonic


Panasonic?s latest mid and compact electronic inverter microwave ovens look stylish, save on space and deliver a range of cooking options.

Six new models incorporating European styling are available in stainless steel, metallic silver and white. Compact appliance lovers will appreciate Panasonic?s 25 litre models that measure 30 cm high and 55 cm wide.

Each model has an electronic cookbook built in which prompts users through the preparation of up to 30 meals. You can forget your paper cookbooks: the electronic guide prompts you through ingredients and meal preparation on the microwave?s LCD screen. Some feature an electronic operational guide, taking users through the personalisation of machine settings (such as setting auto defrost levels).

Cook with inverter technology

These new models feature inverter cooking technology, which gives users greater cooking control and results in more evenly cooked dishes. Rather than pulsing heat on or off like a traditional microwave, Panasonic?s inverter microwaves can maintain power throughout the cooking process or offer graduated cooking, where the power level is subtly changed during the cooking process to keep the food temperature constant.

Inverter cooking technology circuits are smaller and more lightweight than traditional microwave components, allowing these latest models to be more compact, with more generous internal cavities and bigger turntables.

Some of these new models have an electronic operational guide, walking you through setting the clock and personalising auto-defrost functions.

The metallic 32 litre NN-ST677M and the white 32 litre NN-ST667W feature Panasonic?s genius sensor with pre-programmed cooking and reheating cycles for popular dishes such as chicken, rice and fish. The genius sensor automatically adjusts the cooking times and power levels to suit the food being cooked. Alternatively, reheating can be done by simply touching the sensor reheat button and the oven will calculate the ideal reheating time.

  • NN-ST677M 32 litre with metallic finish – $329 RRP
  • NN-ST657S 32 litre stainless steel fascia – $329 RRP
  • NN-ST667W 32 litre with white finish – $263 RRP
  • NN-ST657W 32 litre with white finish – $219 RRP
  • NN-ST557M 25 litre with metallic finish – $208 RRP
  • NN-ST557W 25 litre with white finish – $197 RRP