HP uses cameras to make 3D scans

Scanners haven’t changed much in the past decade, but HP thinks it has a winner with the new TopShot LaserJet Pro, a colour laser multifunction that can scan objects in 3D.

Set to be released in 2012, the TopShot “scans” with six shots from ¬†an overhead camera, stitching an image together and creative a 3D product shot.

Printing is still 2D, but at least you know that the image you’re getting will be higher quality with stronger detail, perfect for web users who need product shots for online stores.

Sadly, this technology won’t be released in this year’s models, but we look forward to when it does make its way to shelves.

This year, however, Australian customers can get their hands on the M175nw (below), a colour LaserJet multifunction starting from $349 RRP.