HTC’s fourth One handset is, ironically, the V

Exclusive to Optus, HTC’s fourth handset announced as part of it’s “One” range in February is heading to stores this week, bringing a look that reminds us of the all-metal HTC Legend from a couple of years ago.

Featuring a 3.7 inch Super LCD 2 screen with 800×480 resolution, HTC’s One V is a new handset featuring some of the technology seen in HTC’s premium models, but cut down to a touch to match the budget of someone unwilling to fork out almost a grand for a new handset.

The phone, which will be available on Optus, will feature a 1GHz processor, 4GB of memory with 1.1GB available, microSD expansion slot, and the reasonably up-to-date Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

A 5 megapixel camera is included here, keeping some of the technology seen in the One X and One XL handsets for no shutter delay and low-light sensitivity, giving you more of a reason to ditch the compact and leave the small dedicated camera at home.

There’s no front camera, so you can kiss the opportunity to video chat with a friend goodbye, but Beats Audio is here, offering your ears a slight enhancement to the music you throw on the phone.

And then there’s the design, which reminds us of the Legend handset and features the same curved chin design and metal unibody for added structure.

HTC’s One V doesn’t have an outright price in Australia yet, but you can find it on a few plans, starting from $0 on a $30 spend every month for two years.