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ITy Bytes are highly digestable nuggets-sized pieces of news that did not warrant a full article.

Oz Comic-Con coming

It’s an exciting time for Aussie pop-culture fans with Oz Comic-Con tickets going on sale and 2019 already shaping up to be the most exciting to date.

With the Australian Championships of Cosplay, national and international comic artists, celebrities from film and television, as well as exclusive merchandise, expert panels, kids activities and much more, OZCC has curated an event that celebrates the best of pop culture.

Last year, Melbourne attracted tens of thousands of colourful cosplayers and pop culture fans of all ages, proving to be one of the country’s most interactive and vibrant events.

  • 8-9th June – Oz Comic-Con Melbourne – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC);
  • 21-22nd September – Oz Comic-Con Brisbane – Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC);
  • 28th-39th September – Oz Comic-Con Sydney – Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.
ITy Bytes 22 March

Android Q Beta for Pixel users only

Android Q blog is here. Major changes include use of location permission for each app (to be restricted to when the app is in use – not always),  restricting access to contact by apps, locking down camera/mic, improved camera and much more. Expect to see smartphones in Q3 and Google baking in strict privacy rules.

ITy Bytes 22 March

Amazon moving to private house brands

Amazon is increasingly doing a Coles/Wollies with more than 135 ‘house-brands’ and over 1000 products over technology, clothing and household products.

Amazon searches favour its house brands and levels of transparency (we own it) are low. So far 60% of the items are under US$20, 38% from $21-100 and 3% over that. It is upsetting competitors that claim Amazon’s emphasis is on price, not quality. Amazon is no longer a channel but a competitor.

ITy Bytes 22 March

The last version of Windows may experience hardware legacy issues

When Windows 10 was introduced in 2015 it vowed to support legacy hardware running Windows 7, first launched in July 2009.

Overall it, and it is hardware OEMs has done an amazing job but hardware that is now up to 10 years old can be problematic, especially as everything moves from 32-bit to 64-bit.

Coming soon updates will analyse the hardware and you may see messages like the one below. The aim is to keep the Windows Core and security patches running but there may be little advance on hardware drivers for legacy equipment.

And a ten-year-old PC is probably well beyond its reasonable use-by date.

ITy Bytes 22 March

Samsung combines six x 2GB DDR4 RAM chips into one using 12GB chips

Low-Power Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (LPDDR4) chips typically come in 2GB packages. That is why you see 2, 4, 6, 8GB smartphones. Now Samsung can fit six time the capacity in the same die offering better speed (30x faster) and lower energy use.

Why is this important? One higher capacity chip leaves room for bigger batteries etc. It will also enable better 5G handsets that use more cloud services.

ITy Bytes 22 March

Sony stops selling phones in Australia – worst kept secret

Once existing retailer stocks are exhausted Sony will exit the Australian smartphone market. That means we won’t see the quite innovative 21:9 Xperia 1.

Sony are not commenting but my friends at JB Hi-Fi say they have not been able to obtain stock since Q3, 2018 and stopped listing the brand in their catalogue soon after. There are some handsets at dodgy online merchants, but these are parallel/grey imports.