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Bitdefender has worked with Intel for more than a year before the public disclosure of this attack. It is possible that an attacker with knowledge of the vulnerability could have exploited it to steal confidential information. Microsoft, and the other ecosystem partners have – or continue to assess – issuing patches, as appropriate.

NordVPN says school Wi-Fi is very vulnerable

There are approximately 9,500 Australian schools and most have vulnerable Wi-Fi networks. Here are a few examples:

  • Hackers got the addresses and phone numbers of Melbourne’s Blackburn High School students through an unsecure Wi-Fi network. This data was used in attempted scams.
  • A hacker used a phishing link to make students log into a site on the dark web.
  • A cybercriminal hacked into a school’s Wi-Fi and started a conversation with a Year 6 student on his iPad.
  • In 2015, a 7-year-old girl from the United Kingdom showed how easy it is to break into a public Wi-Fi network. It took her less than 11 minutes to infiltrate the hotspot by setting up a rogue access point. Hackers frequently use this technique to activate a ‘man in the middle’ attack and begin eavesdropping on the traffic.

Daniel Markuson, digital privacy expert at NordVPN, said

School and Public Wi-Fi networks are usually so unsecure that even a seven-year-old kid with an interest in tech can hack them. Loads of online tutorials provide tips on how to do that.”

He suggests that parents raise the question of Wi-Fi security at school. More importantly make sure the child automatically uses a virtual private network (VPN) like NordVPN, an encrypted tunnel between the Wi-Fi network and a child’s device. Most importantly, talk to kids and help them understand online security threats and the importance of digital privacy.

ITy Bytes 7 August

Samsung ups the Frame to QLED quality – ITy Bytes 7 August

QLED is best in bright environments where you want colours to pop. The new 2019 Frame (43/55/65-inches for $1499/2499/3499) is a QLED TV with a selection of over 1,200 works via the Samsung Art Store for just $5.99 a month. Or use your own photos!

ITy Bytes 7 August

Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia said

“The Frame has changed the way Australians think about television design and functionality. It seamlessly blends into the décor to provide a stylish addition and now Samsung’s premium TV and art viewing experience.”

The Frame’s Brightness and Colour Sensor can adjust the screen settings based on the ambient light in the room. A motion sensor detects movement automatically turning the screen on or off.

The 2019 Frame includes:

  • One Clear Cable: frees living spaces from unsightly cords by combining the optical cable and power into one thin five-metre cord for better TV or wall placement
  • Smart TV enhancements: SmartThings, Bixby, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple AirPlay, offering flexibility.

Logitech slim and quite MK470 keyboard and mouse combo – Apple Magic contender at 25% of the price – ITy Bytes 7 August

We have all seen those impossibly thin Apple keyboards – now Logitech has a Wireless (USB dongle) quality contender than offers a better and quieter typing experience using its scissor switches for a laptop like (not a MacBook like) experience. Battery life is 18/36 months for mouse/keyboard. Price is $79.95 which is excellent value compared to an Apple Magic keyboard at $179 and a Magic 2 mouse at $139. Website here.

ITy Bytes 7 August

Damian Lepore, Managing Director of Logitech ANZ said

“With all of the quality you expect from Logitech, the MK470 Slim Combo is a space-saving and quiet duo that will help you work at your best.”

ITy Bytes 7 August is a regular GadgetGuy feature that offers curated news bytes.