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  1. Does Apple believe the iPhone sales decline is temporary?
  2. What’s the strategy behind internet-related services?
  3. What’s the plan to reach the next billion users?
  4. Does Apple have the right expertise at the company to shift direction, if it wants to?

It concludes, “Now is the time for a red-hot focus on Apple’s road map for the future – or its lack of a credible one besides waiting out its troubled patch in China.”

Samsung and Huawei world domination quest crushing Apple sales

They say competition is healthy – it drives companies on to greater things. Samsung and Huawei have been locked in a bitter battle for supremacy, but the crafty Korean is defending its market share and gaining new ground with its innovative Galaxy A, S and Note series.

Huawei, the canny Chinese company, is shoring up its Chinese market share (which is now a huge 50%) and releasing a raft of new products that help to make it a desirable brand (especially to Asians).

But this war has had had casualties with Apple sliding from number two with nearly 20% of market share in Q4, 2018 to around 10% in Q1, 2019.

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There was a time when Apple’s walled garden approach worked keeping Apple sheep happy and well-shorn. But the loss of market share means loss of associated services and ecosystem revenue and reliance on higher priced services to prop up failing hardware sales.

The Samsung/Huawei war is attracting those Apple users (especially in Asia) that buy superseded models (an Apple badge is an Apple badge) to the more fully featured and better value Android camps.