How to keep the kids web-safe, at home and away

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Trend Micro Guardian Transcript:

There are millions of websites that we don’t want our children to visit. At home, good network security protection helps filter unsuitable material and security threats. It can even control your child’s internet usage. 

But what happens when they’re at school with their mobile device? Or at a friend’s house?

That’s where the Trend Micro Guardian app comes in. Paired with Trend Micro Home Network Security , it extends your home’s online security and restrictions to Android and iOS devices. Here’s how it works.

Trend Micro Home Network Security includes the HNS Station, a device that plugs into your Wi-Fi router to monitor and manage all internet traffic. You control it and set up rules using an app on your phone.

When Trend Micro Guardian is installed on your child’s mobile device, you pair the phone with the HNS Station, and all the rules of home are transferred to the phone.

Guardian is designed to block dangerous websites, stop phishing attempts and filter inappropriate websites. 

It also lets you pause the internet and YouTube on your child’s device – which is just what you need when they’re supposed to be doing their homework. 

And you can set internet time limits too.

Afraid your child will figure out how to get around it? Just enable Uninstall Protection for Trend Micro Guardian, and your child won’t be able to remove the app, or install other apps without your permission.

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