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Remember when the TV everyone sat around wasn’t big? It only seemed like a few years ago, and yet last year, the most popular TV size sat around the 47 inch mark. This year, it could be pushed as high as 55 inches diagonally, and Kogan is showing that it can make that competitive with a $700 telly.

The display features a 55 inch Full HD panel, and pairs it with three HDMI ports, one USB, and a motion technology which Kogan says is rated for 100Hz.

While inexpensive TVs normally are built just for sitting on a stand, this model will also be compatible with all mounts. It does lack support for 3D, and misses out on the included Android (which was in another Kogan TV released this year), with a representative for Kogan telling GadgetGuy that the company “has a wide range of TVs with different features including built-in DVD, 3D, Smart TV, and other features, so shoppers can pick whichever features are most important to them.”

Kogan isn’t the only brand embracing 55 inches for not too much dosh, though. We’ve already caught wind that a 55 inch Soniq is entering the Australian retail market for less than a grand, while premium brands such as Samsung and LG both offer 50 inch models of previous plasma generations for under a grand, also.

Depending on what you’re looking for, we suggest standing in front and judging the colour and experience for yourself. Buying online makes that a touch more difficult, but if you have no problem plonking down the dough, chances are you’ll be happy with the value regardless.