Motorola revisits the RAZR for $4 on a plan

We haven’t heard much out of Motorola this year, but at least we have a new RAZR smartphone on the way for people who don’t want much to pay.

More of a budget-oriented remake of Motorola’s ultra-slim handset from last year, the RAZR V is an Android handset that brings the same 4.3 inch quarterHD screen (960×540) from the first device, the same 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and the same 8 megapixel camera with support for full HD, and couples it with a slightly different design aimed at the crowd keen on spending less.

“With Motorola RAZR V we’ve created the perfect smartphone for stylish, smart and tech-savvy consumers who want great looks, great performance and great value,” said Motorola’s Timo Brouwer. “We are committed to creating devices that are beautiful and powerful, but also affordable. The new Motorola RAZR V embodies that commitment perfectly.”

Motorola’s RAZR V is actually the second Razr released in Australia, and is almost as ironic as HTC’s One V, which was the fourth handset in the “One” series from HTC, because Motorola’s V has more in common with IV (4) than V (5).

How so? Well, you’ll find Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on this handset, that 4.3 inch screen, 8GB of storage (a multiple of four), and a $4 upfront cost on a $35 Optus plan over 24 months.

From what we know, the new RAZR V isn’t the RAZR MAXX we heard about, a smartphone that apparently carries over a full day of use. Regardless, the RAZR V does feature Kevlar fibre and a splash guard protecting the inside of the phone, and is available in stores later this week.

And those of you with a RAZR from last year?

Motorola tells us Ice Cream Sandwich is coming, with a representative for the company telling us there had been a delay, but that it would be available as soon as possible.