Nespresso, Breville team up for $249 Inissia

Consumers have quite a few choices when it comes to trying out one of the encapsulated coffee machines that make up the Nespresso range, and they’re about to get one more, with Breville adding a newbie to the mix.

Built to be small and lightweight, the Nespresso Inissia is a pod-based coffee maker with a small footprint, designed to sit on the kitchen bench and not take up too much room while doing so.

Different from the UMilk models launched last year, the Inissia supports two cup sizes, each programmable, with a foldable drip tray built into the design. Unlike the UMilk, the system isn’t totally automated, and still requires a level to be lowered into place used to penetrate the pod before the coffee is made.

We’re told the Inissia takes 25 seconds to heat up, making the coffee quickly thereafter with enough water in the 0.7 litre tank for several cups of coffee, and including the Aeroccino3 to prepare milk for a cappuccino when needed.

Design-wise, we’re reminded of DeLonghi’s Pixie design, which is a part of the Nespresso range and produced by both DeLonghi and Breville these days. The design isn’t totally identical, though, with the Inissia coming with a plastic finish, while the Pixie is closer to a metal one.

That said, we’re checking with Breville to see if this model will replace the ageing Pixie, especially since the prices are different for what is a very close design.

Keen people will find the Inissia in stores shortly, though, retailing for $249 with the Aeroccino3 included in the package.

UPDATE (February 17): Breville has come back to us, and while we don’t think it’s replacing the Pixie, this model hasn’t been designed by the Aussie appliance maker.