Nespresso wins 2010 Australian International Design Award

When you think of “design awards,” you probably think of clothes and cars and all manner of technological wizardry. One thing you probably don’t think of is a coffee machine, yet that’s exactly what has been chosen as a winner at this year’s Australian Standard’s 2010 Australian International Design Awards.

The winning Nespresso CitiZ machine uses a coffee pod system providing an easy to make cup without any of the time fiddling around with a normal cappuccino machine requires.

Nespresso CitiZ

“To have won such a highly esteemed and prestigious award is testament to the outstanding product design and culture of innovation within our company,” said Renaud Tinel, General Manager and Marketing Director for Nespresso Oceania.

Dyson bladeless

Standing alongside the winner’s podium at the Australian International Design Awards is the Dyson Air Multiplier, a blade-less fan that uses amplified pressured air to create a stream of air.