How do you like your portable gaming? Big? Extra big? If that last one sounds like your cup of tea, Nintendo has put the finishing touches on an extra-large 3DS.

With a massive increase in screen real estate, the 3DS XL is primed to be a favourite of those who love their 3D gaming on the go, but want it bigger.

The new 3DS XL features a top screen coming in a 4.88 inches with a bottom touchscreen of 4.18 inches, compared to the 3.53 top and 3.01 inch bottom on the original – and still available – Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo reports that the battery has been improved on the new model, even outlasting the original 3DS. Also included is a 4GB SD card for downloading games and videos to.

No word yet if Nintendo plans on cutting the current 3DS price of $249.95 to offer the smaller model at a more competitive price, but you’ll be able to find the new 3DS XL for the same price when it arrives on August 23.