Nintendo Wii gets American Heart Association approval

Before the Nintendo Wii, most of us would only get up from our couch to get another slice of pizza or a drink before we got stuck into another six hours of non-stop gaming.

The Wii changed all of that, and now the American Heart Association is awarding Nintendo with a seal of approval. But is this a good thing?

While titles like Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus both received the American Heart Association Seal of Approval with the Wii console, those video games are actually designed to get you moving and promote active gaming. There are of course numerous titles designed to help you become more aware of your health including EA Active and The Biggest Loser. But there are also titles that require little to no movement on the part of the player, short of sitting down and flicking your wrist in directions.

Wii Classic Controller
The last time we checked, sitting down while playing a game with the Wii’s Classic Controller wasn’t exactly helping your health.

We don’t doubt that the American Heart Association has done something it believes is a good move, but bestowing an award such as this may send the wrong message.