Panasonic announces the world’s first consumer 3D camcorder


With 3D hitting everything from TV screens to video game consoles to digital still cameras, it seems about right for someone to come out with the first readily-available 3D video camera.
Panasonic gets to lay claim to this title with the HDC-SDT750, a video camera that takes a 1080p camcorder and slaps it together with a “3D conversion lens”.
Almost the size of the camcorder itself, the lens attachment (above) includes one lens for each eye and allows you to shoot two side-by-side videos measuring 960×1080.
Sent back to a 3D-capable TV over HDMI, the videos are reconstructed into the sort of video that makes great use of those 3D glasses you bought.
Much like the Sony 3D panorama sweep mode, the camera can also grab still images shot in 3D.
Because the 3D attachment is really an accessory, you can detach it and shoot in regular old 2D if you like.
While another 3D video camera was announced earlier this year from Aiptek, it was merely a personal video camera that shot 3D at the much lower VGA resolution.
We’re checking with Panasonic on pricing and to see if the 3D lens attachment will work on any existing Panasonic cameras.