Panasonic spaces out with convection, included two levels of cooking power

If you’re into cooking two things at once, you may be itching to replace that old one with something a little more aware of the space inside, and for that, Panasonic has a new oven waiting in a box somewhere, ready for installation.

Arriving this week, Panasonic’s answer to people who need a lot of cooking power in not a lot of space is the NN-CF847B convection microwave, an appliance that probably needs a sexier name, but still bundles in plenty of technology and looks to boot.

Aesthetically, it’s all black and silver, with a dark smoked glass door sitting alongside an LCD panel with touch controls, while the rest of the oven is built in stainless steel and looks very industrial.

Inside, there’s a 32 litre space with a flatbed design, the latter differing from the regular turntables you might see in conventional microwaves. That said, there’s more than just a microwave here, with the oven capable of grilling, roasting, baking, and toasting, the convection oven circulating heat with a fan over the two levels inside the oven.

Three trays are provided to make it possible to cook, with enamel, glass, and wire trays included in the box, though you will have to bring your own food.

Also of note is a self-cleaning top and back plate, so you won’t even have to put as much elbow grease in when it comes to cleaning like mad.

Pricing for the Panasonic NN-CF874B is set to a recommended retail price of $989, with an availability of, well, now at most electronics retailers across the country.