Panasonic to trump Full HD

A new plasma TV from Panasonic looks to become the king of high definition when it’s released later this year. The 152-inch (386 cm) monster features a whopping 4K resolution and plays 3D content.

How big is 4K, you may ask?

Let us put some things into perspective. The current Full HD TV sets put out a resolution of 1920 x 1080, known to most as 1080p. That resolution shows a little over 2 million pixels. The Panasonic TV here displays 4096 x 2160, a resolution that shows 8.8 million pixels. That’s over four times the quality that 1080p offers.

It kind of makes you wonder what they’re going to call the higher resolution when it comes out on more TVs. (Full-er HD? Better HD? Tasty HD? We wonder.)

Movie-makers have had the ability to shoot in 4K for a while with very expensive video cameras like the Red One.

The TV weighs approximately 590 kilograms which is more than the combined weight of the GadgetGuy editorial team, but that probably doesn’t matter. With an expected price of over $500,000, it appears only the corporates will be wanting to get their hands on one, which is exactly who Panasonic has designed it for.