Panasonic Viera LCD TVs – the 2009 range

Panasonic Australia yesterday demonstrated its ongoing commitment to LCD technology by expanding its range of VIERA LCD TVs. The 2009 product range is Panasonic’s strongest Full HD LCD line-up to date, comprising nine models, including six Full High Definition models and the first two-inch super-thin VIERA FHD LCD TV. Panasonic also introduces new screen sizes – a 42-inch and a 19-inch to the LCD family.

Like all Panasonic products, the 2009 VIERA LCD range has been designed with Built-in Genius, incorporating Panasonic’s intuitive features – such as VIERA LINK and VIERA Image Viewer – that make it easy to take full advantage of easy networking and connectivity functions, and the IPS (In-Plane Switching) Alpha LCD Panel that delivers exceptional image quality with rich contrast, colour and faster motion response.

The new VIERA LCD range demonstrates Panasonic’s continual emphasis on environmentally-friendly design and manufacturing. The best energy performers in the range will receive four stars under the new energy star ratings labelling scheme. Additionally, Panasonic’s superior product build-quality means that each panel has been designed with a long lifetime of 60,000 hours. VIERA Link also facilitates two new intelligent power saving features – ‘Standby Power Save’, which minimises the power consumption of connected devices; and ‘Intelligent Auto Standby’, which automatically switches connected devices to standby when not in use.

To accommodate the expanded FHD product line and to increase the company’s presence in the LCD market, Panasonic will also open a new IPS Alpha LCD factory in Japan, with production scheduled to begin in 2010. When in full operation, the factory will be capable of producing 15 million 32-inch panels per year.

Panasonic has always believed that the choice of TV technologies is application based – how and when you will be watching the TV. In a brightly-lit room or in smaller screen sizes, LCD is the ideal solution. In 2009, Panasonic offers consumers a broader choice in LCD to suit their viewing environment.

All 2009 VIERA LCD models are equipped with an integrated High Definition Digital Tuner, so consumers can enjoy the free-to-air digital channels including High Definition broadcasts. This means that all Panasonic VIERA LCD TVs are future-proof and ready for the digital switchover.