Pebble connects with GoPro for wrist-controlled action captures

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Those of you with a keen eye for adventure have probably dabbled in capturing your exploits with a GoPro, the camera that seems to be favourite of many adventurers and anyone keen to take a dive in a pool of water, but did you know you can control the camera using a smartwatch?

Put this in the “cool things technology can do” department, but with a recent update of Pebble’s smartwatch to add support for apps alongside watch faces, the Pebble smartwatch can now act as a remote control for GoPro cameras with wireless support.

GoPro cameras still need to connect to a host device to make this work, so you’ll need an Android phone or tablet, or an iPad or iPhone, equipped with the GoPro app, as well as the Pebble app, to make this happen.

Once the device is linked up to the GoPro over WiFi, and your Pebble is linked to the same device, the Pebble will connect to your iDevice or Android over Bluetooth and talk to the GoPro, which is connected to that device over WiFi.

From here, you can change your camera settings, browse through menus, and even stop and start recordings.

If smartwatches ever get WiFi control, or if GoPro starts to support Bluetooth, it’s possible we’ll see direct control from the Pebble possible, and that could make it even easier to stop or start recordings from the camera when you’re on the go.

There’s no LCD control yet, something that doesn’t surprise us given the electronic ink screen found on the Pebble, but it’s a start, and a bloody good one at that.