Philips Sonicare For Kids electric toothbrush – now even a toothbrush is smart

Getting the kids to brush their teeth can be hard. Getting them to do it properly is even harder. Fortunately European electronics giant Philips has come up with a product in its Sonicare range that might do the job for you.

On the face of it, the Sonicare For Kids electric toothbrush is simply a regular old electric toothbrush with kid-friendly decorations. But it’s actually a “smart” toothbrush in the way that we mean “smart” these days: it talks to iOS and Android devices.

Specifically, it’s equipped with Bluetooth and there’s a free app for your iPhone or iPad (running iOS7 or later) and Android phone or tablet that’ll do things with the toothbrush.

What, precisely? No, it won’t take over the brush. Instead, it’ll keep track of its use and provide coaching to the children on how best to use the brush and tracks how they’re doing. It features a “loveable” character Sparkly, who gets happier the better the job the kids do, and which can receive accessories the kids earn by brushing successfully.

It also eases them into the full brushing routine by starting them off with shorter than optimal sessions, and then gradually increasing them until the two minute brush time is achieved.

Don’t have the phone handy? No worries, the toothbrush will remember details for up to twenty brushing sessions and can upload them next time it’s connected to the device.

There are two power modes. The Lithium Ion battery is good for up to two weeks use.

My only problem with this toothbrush is: where’s the grown-up version?