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Thomas Bartlett


Naim, Focal and Bentley team up

BusiSoft AV, Australian distributor for both brands along with a bunch of others, tell us that UK hifi electronics firm Naim and French hifi speaker firm Focal...

Has the RCA cable disappeared?

We live in weird times. Today I went to what purports to be a hifi shop – hey, it’s in the name! – to buy the most common of audio cables. That’s the good old ...

Technics Returns to Australia

Panasonic’s high-ish end audio brand, Technics, is now back in Australia following a swish event in Sydney last night. Not all of Technics, but three lines fro...
Thomas Bartlett

Thomas Bartlett


Thomas has been a tech-head since high school. He was that guy who soldered up mains-powered MusicColour boxes and strobe lights for the school social (schools were lackadaisical about student safety in those days). Later he taught himself computer coding, first BASIC, then PASCAL, then Assembler. Ever since those school days he’s been a music lover, and a hifi lover. He has written thousands of published reviews over the past couple of decades.