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The body on the phone is metal, too, and it comes with a neat trick: when a button is pushed on the left edge, the bottom of the phone can be removed, allowing you to change batteries or add functionality, and that harks back to that whole “playing” side of things we mentioned earlier.


Known as “Friends of LG”, these accessories bring a little extra pizazz, such as a better headphone amp to the phone from Bang & Olufsen or more camera control, or even a 360 degree virtual reality camera.

Essentially, these are extra special accessories made for the phone with apps that will come from the Google Play Store and bring out a little more “wow” factor in the phone, because being different — being fun, actually — is something that can be lost in translation when making a new phone.

“We are delighted to bring the LG G5 to Australia,” said Casha, adding that “this is a standout device in the smartphone world with a unique design, removable battery, innovative camera set up and collection of compatible companion devices.”

“Everything about the LG G5 has been designed to enable users to have more fun with their phone and give them a new experience,” he said.  “We think Australian consumers will love the G5.”


Giving the phone a brief test, we found the G5 had a nice feel to it that was sturdy, but much slimmer than the company’s previous efforts. It’s an evolution LG has long needed, even if the edge of the phone — a slim accented line of metal — takes some getting used to.

There’s a fingerprint sensor on the back and this doubles as the power button, which also takes some getting used to. In some ways, you can see how this was inspired by the Nexus 5X from Google — which LG made — but there was a power button on the side of that phone.

In the G5, the fingerprint sensor and the power button are one in the same, almost like it harks back to the G2, G3, and G4 phones where the buttons were on the back.

Even from a quick glance, the screen is very nice, though not offering the same sense of dynamics as the AMOLED screens we see from Samsung. Despite this, it’s easy to look at and comfortable on the eyes.


Mostly, though, we’re intrigued by the concept of removable accessories, though LG is going to have to keep with it for longer than a year for us to fully believe it is committed to this path.

Bang & Olufsen, however, suggests that there are possibly other things in the pipeline, which is great news for customers.