Apple HomePod after 30 days (review)
4.7Overall Score

Price (RRP): $499
Manufacturer: Apple

What is an Apple HomePod? It is a ‘smart’ wireless, home speaker with Siri, a virtual voice assistant that will play music as well as other things.

Smart home speakers are the ‘it’ category this year. Both both Apple and Amazon’s Echo speakers arrived down under in February. They join Google’s Home speakers and Google Assistant-powered models from JBL, Sony and others. There is a lot of competition coming in the smart speaker space.

We took Apple’s HomePod for an extended spin to see how it fits into our day-to-day home life. More importantly what it can add to our music listening enjoyment.

What sets the HomePod apart is that it taps into Apple’s Music library, so if you have an Apple Music account, this is currently the only game in town.

After a month of using HomePod at home, as well as Amazon and Google alternatives, it’s clear that Apple has one significant advantage – sound quality.


Review – Apple HomePod

The HomePod’s small stature is no indication of the impressive sound it produces. HomePod punches well above its weight to fill large spaces with clear, rich and distortion-free sound.

Packed inside are a high excursion woofer, customised amplifier, and seven horn-loaded tweeters, each with a dedicated amp and beam-forming capabilities.

As a result, the sound has ample volume and depth, pin-sharp high-end clarity, deep bass and the sound seems to come from everywhere.

You can choose between black and white models wrapped in a diagonal weave-type pattern that appears modern while neutral enough to blend into most decors.


Any colour you like as long as it is space grey or white.

There is a shiny touch-sensitive area on the top of the unit where a soft multi-coloured light illuminates during interactions with the Siri voice assistant. Plus and minus symbols light up when touched to control the volume levels, mute or wake up Siri.


The ‘Siri Light’ glows when the microphone is on and Siri is active.