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HPM Electresafe Power Centre with two USB outlet (REPC410USB)
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Name: HPM Electresafe Power Centre with two USB outlet (REPC410USB)
Price (RRP): $138
Manufacturer: HPM

If you are like most Aussie handy people, you got into the yard this Xmas attacking it voraciously with the electric whipper snipper, pressure cleaner and trimming tools. That is where the HPM Electresafe Power Centre comes in.

The HPM Electresafe Power Centre is to save me from me. You know running long extension leads to pressure washers – well water and electricity don’t mix.

HPM Electresafe Power Centre helps prevent electrocution. The two USB 5V/2.4A ports are a bonus especially for a tradie that wants to power a Bluetooth speaker all day and night.

What is HPM Electresafe Power Centre with two USB? (REPC410USB)

Website here

Price: $138 at Bunnings or HPM retailers

It is an RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overload) to stop anyone getting electrocuted by detecting a leakage to ground. Yes, I tripped it twice. I also used it to detect a faulty toaster that was tripping a house power circuit. It trips within 30ms of a fault.

It also has an MCB (miniature circuit breaker) to prevent overload.

Four x 240V switched power outlets to a maximum of 240x10A=2400W load. There is a 15A 3600W version (REPC415 – the one with the thicker earth pin). There is also a 10A version without USB (REPC410).

It is IP 33 rated. Now it is not for throwing in a pool, but it is fit for purpose. The first digit ‘3’ means no fool can get >2.5mm tool into it. The second ‘3’ means water falling as a spray at up to 60° from the vertical will have no harmful effect – light rain.

It has a high impact, bright orange high-vis ABS housing 134 (W) x 190 (H) x 134mm (L) x 1.1kg that will withstand drops and general abuse you see on construction sites. The 1.8m lead has a cable clip as well.

And it has a two-year warranty.

HPM Electresafe Power Centre


RCBO – it tripped twice detecting a toaster with a short and the dangerous mix of water and an extension lead – PASS

MCB – it tripped when loaded with a toaster and portable grill – total 4400W. PASS

USB – it delivered a clean 5V/2A on both ports or 5V/2.4A with one port – PASS

We did not test IP. The base elevates it off the ground, and the power points have internal double pole shutters – PASS