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Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q shavers – smooth as a baby’s b…
4.8Overall Score
Name: Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q
Price (RRP): $599.95/649.95
Manufacturer: Panasonic

The Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q shavers are Panasonic’s new 2019 shavers – hint they are the same shaver, but the latter has an auto cleaning and charging station.

While the Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q replace the ES-LV6N and ES-LV9N, there is not much difference apart from a few cosmetic changes. So, if after reading this review you decide to buy one you might bag a substantial bargain from the 2016-2018 range.

I have been shaving for about 50 years – it is a curse, this daily chore to keep a clean-shaven face because my mum said people do not trust men with beards (sorry all those Hipsters and ZZ Tops out there). In 50 years I have probably had around 7-10 shavers – 5-10 years life each.

ZZ Top beards

I remember my first electric shaver

My original Remington

It was a Remington 25 corded shaver. Remington was the main game and king of spin with names like Roll-A-Matic, Selectic, XLR, Micro-Screen (and many more). Master marketer Victor Kiam even said, “I like the shaver so much. I bought the company. It shaves as close as a blade, or now I give your money back.”

The twin-blade shaver was OK, not great, and I wanted more in pursuit of anti-hirsute perfection.

I graduated to a Philips Rotary PhiliShave

Probably because Roger Moore used one in James Bond. Philips stated it was best for sensitive skin, good for hair on the lower neck and thick facial hair. It was OK, but I quickly learned that rotary was not for my skin or face type.


Next a couple of Braun twin blades with its famous floating head.

These cost around $200 even back then. The corded one did a pretty good job. So, a few years later, I bought a cordless wet and dry. But two things put me off. The cordless battery was cactus after about two years, and the foils/screens/blades (although a relatively low cost to replace) were fragile and wore out in under 12 months leaving my face a mess of nicks and cuts.


Panasonic came to my attention in the early-00s.

I remember the cordless two-blade Wet/Dry cost over $200 and I was more than a little hesitant at that cost. But I had a business relationship with Panasonic buying computer monitors and CD-ROMs, so I got a staff discount. A few years later it became my travel razor (as I was travelling every other week) and it retired in 2012.

I went for broke and bought the ES-LV65 (circa 2009) at around $499 and in 2017 picked another new one up from eBay for less than half that price. I replaced the foil/screen and cutter blades on the first and now keep one at both of my homes. Call it good luck, but the first ES-LV65 is still in as-new condition, and the battery still gives me at 30 minutes of shave time. The second still gives the full 45 mintues use. They are still making that model and Shaver Shop has it for $244.95.

Shavers 101

Something clicked in the early-00s that Panasonic was the brand to go for and for my skin, beard and face type. I grow short stubble each day, have the usual skin folds (laugh lines – not wrinkles) associated with a sexagenarian and relatively sensitive skin – I need to moisturise every day.

Time has proven that the five-blade system is best for me. To be clear this has two 14,000 cycles per minute linear cutters (cost about $50) and the cutter arms power three extra foils or ‘blades’ – call it left, cutter, middle, cutter, and right (about $100). The cutters, blades and foils are Japanese-made of very high quality. Panasonic recommends replacement of the foil ever year and cutter every two years.

Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q

Before you exclaim that replacements are expensive, these are five-blade – not the cheaper one, two, three or four blades. I shave every day, and the first replacement was at year seven, so that is about $20 per year. Bargain hunters will shop on eBay as well and may find combo sets for a lot less.

Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q shavers

Website here

Price: ES-LV6Q $599.95 and ED-LV9Q %699.95

Sold via Shaver Shop, Shaver City, Good Guys, Bing Lee and more.