Quirky Canon PowerShot V10 camera is made for vlogging

Canon PowerShot V10

Vlogging remains a big thing in 2023. With broad access to cameras, so many people pursue content creation at either a hobbyist or professional level. Aimed at people wanting to graduate from an in-built phone camera, the Canon PowerShot V10 is a small vertical camera made for filming on the go.

Weighing 211 grams, it’s similar in size to a large phone, making the camera easy to take with you. Creators specialising in lifestyle and travel content might get the most use out of the Canon PowerShot V10, thanks to its portable form factor and audiovisual features. With it, you can shoot 4K video and high-quality audio with just the one device.

On first impressions, Canon’s new camera looks like a device made for the TikTok generation and anyone who shoots predominantly in the vertical 9:16 format. Ease of use is another main focal point, if you can excuse the photography pun, with the record button’s central location designed for one-handed operation.

Canon PowerShot V10 main features

Included in the V10 is a one-inch CMOS sensor made for 4K video in addition to capturing still photos. Almost like using an app like TikTok and Instagram, you can choose different colour filters and even smooth over blemishes while using the camera.

Stability and shaky footage are reasonable concerns for a small handheld camera. Only recently have top-of-the-range smartphones integrated image stabilisation features to address clumsily-shot footage. For smooth filming, the Canon PowerShot V10 has a Movie Digital IS mode, said to produce clean footage with high sharpness and detail. Plus, its auto-level feature helps keep your shots unslanted, so you can focus on more important edits later.

Even though vertical video is the preferred format for popular social media platforms, you can still film traditional landscape 16:9 content with the V10. Regardless of which orientation you use, the V10 offers up to an hour of continuous filming, ideal for those who do IRL (in real life) content, capturing everything around them.

What’s this, decent in-built audio?

One of the other big attractions of Canon’s PowerShot V10 is its audio recording capacity. Made for noisy environments, the camera has two large stereo microphones in addition to a noise reduction mic. Canon claims this setup clearly captures your narration while filtering out unwanted noise. It’s tricky to assess this without going hands-on, but it’s an impressive premise.

Going back to single-handed operation, the V10 also has a two-inch LCD touchscreen. To allow for flexible filming configurations like selfies, you can flip the screen to the front. Additionally, its built-in stand looks like a great idea for filming piece-to-camera content without needing to shell out for a separate tripod.

Connectivity appears to be another strong point. In line with other recent Canon cameras, the PowerShot V10 connects wirelessly to the Canon Camera Connect App. Here, you can wirelessly load photos and videos to mobile devices and access temporary cloud storage. There are also HDMI and USB ports included if you want to hook the camera up as a webcam. Or, via the V10’s dedicated menu options, you can even stream directly to platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

PowerShot V10 price and availability

Available to pre-order now the PowerShot V10 comes to Australia in June 2023. As always, shop around for the best price, with the RRP set at $699. It comes in slightly cheaper than Sony’s recently-launched $779 ZV-1F vlogging camera.

Although phone cameras improve with each passing year, having a separate camera certainly has its appeal. If, like me, you’re trying to spend less time on your phone but like capturing moments, the PowerShot V10 could be worth a look.

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