Samsung Galaxy S2

It’s not all perfect, however, but the negatives don’t stop this phone too much.

For starters, the build quality could be a little better. We like knowing that the plastic is nowhere near as slippery as it was in the original Galaxy S, but with the premium quality of the Galaxy S2 a metal casing is deserved.

The Galaxy S2 can also get quite hot. If you’re into web surfing over 3G and gaming, be aware that the Galaxy S2 does manage to get roasting at the back of the phone. We found a case helped soften the blow on our fingers, as well as making the phone easier to grip.

For the most part, Samsung nails it. There’s so much to love about the Galaxy S2, that these niggles are a trifle.


Samsung’s second effort to topple the juggernaut iPhone comes out a success, a worthy competitor that manages to do some things even Apple hasn’t thought of.

It’s not perfect – nothing ever is – but it’s easily one of the better examples of an Android smartphone we’ve seen. If you’re looking for a top tier smartphone that doesn’t cut corners, you’ll definitely find what you’re after in the Samsung Galaxy S2.







Value for money
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Samsung's overlay to Android has some very interesting features this time around; Latest version of Android (Android 2.3 Gingerbread); One of the thinnest and lightest phones we've ever felt
Plastic casing makes it feel a little cheap; Software can be buggy