There is no support yet for Windows Ink (or Windows 10 devices) except as a capacitive stylus.

While silicon is a good tip, it can be ‘grippy’ compared to finer plastic tips. It is not so much the pen on paper/glass feel that I like – but then I am not an artist.

And while its light at 16g it is a little bulky to put in the pocket. But it is made of durable polymer.

GadgetGuy’s take: Scriba for scribbles!

If you are a creative illustrator, you will have a stack of ‘tool’s to do you work. These include various brushes, airbrushes, stylus etc. This is another electronic tool that could, in time replace some of the manual tools.

For the present, available apps limit its use. In the future, I hope it gets Apple Pencil and Windows Ink drivers then its indispensable.

If you are interested the manual is here.

Scriba costs €65.00 (about $106 plus GST and freight). You can order it here.