Spotify gets acrostic with Valentine’s notes for all

If you’re having trouble trying to work out how to say “I love you” to that special someone for Valentine’s Day, Spotify’s neat little playlist maker could do the job.

With only a few days left, you might be struggling to find the perfect way to say something special to the lovely person in your life. Fortunately, a web app from Spotify hopes to help out with that, launching this week in the form of “Love Notes”.

Think of this as a love message written in the form of mixtape, with Spotify generating the mixtape for you.


The web app making this mixtape asks you to pick an emotion for music out of five categories, ranging from flirty to downright seductive, and then it’s over to the genres you want your little love note playlist to pick its music from.

Once you’ve selected these, you’ll have to come up with a phrase you want communicated.


That could be “I love you” or “you’re special” or anything else you can think of, though Spotify suggests keeping it classy.

We went with “I adore you”.


When you start typing your phrase, the Spotify mixtape system for Love Notes will pick a song for each of the song’s first letters, meaning an “O” might yield “One Love” by Bob Marley” while an “I” might deliver “It’s Gonna Be Love” by Mandy Moore.

With the phrasing finished, you’ll see your playlist ready to be sent, which can be sent to a friend or sent online using Facebook or Twitter.


On the plus side, you don’t need Spotify’s premium service to play with the Spotify Valentine’s Day, so if you are struggling with finding the right way to say “I love you”, this could at least hold you off until you find a place that hasn’t run out of the flowers they love.