Telstra 4G LTE Outages 15/16/17 December

Telstra 4G LTE Outages
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There have been reports of ongoing Telstra 4G LTE outages in most capital cities as well as surrounds. It appears to be the 4G LTE service and band 28 are most affected.

For my part I have not been able to reliably make or receive calls for 15/16 December and received a bunch of SMSs today showing many missed inwards calls in that period.

We can’t verify the cause but there appears to be a workaround – set your smartphone to 3G only.

That is not the long-term solution so make sure that you only try this if you are missing calls or getting SMSs telling you so.

This affects Telstra Mobile customers and any MVMO using its 4G LTE network.

You can check for Telstra 4G LTE outages here

Telstra 4G LTE Outages
As at 11.11 AM 17 December

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