Telstra to release first 4G smartphone in 2012

Telstra’s new 4G network has already proven to us how fast it is, achieving speeds higher than what many homes connected on ADSL2+ manage. Now comes the news that Australia’s first phone to support 4G natively will be arriving next year, with an as-yet unnamed product from HTC.

“In a matter of months, our customers will be able to stream their video and music collections over the mobile internet faster than before, access cloud-hosted applications and play fast-paced internet games direct from their smartphone screen,” said David Thodey, Telstra’s CEO. “We’re delighted to be working with HTC on the first of many 4G handheld devices that are set to launch now the new Telstra 4G network is live in Australia.”

Tentatively called the HTC 4G, the phone will be the first to support Telstra’s 4G LTE network and will feature a dual-core processor, Google Android, an 8 megapixel camera, and a huge 4.5 inch screen.