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Hypersuit flying VR “exoskeleton”

We’ve already said that we think big things are happening this year with Virtual Reality. So does the French firm Hypersuit. It was showing off what everyone seems to be calling an “exoskeleton”. It isn’t, of course. It’s a sophisticated movement sensor.

The trick is, you lay on the device and your arm movements are replicated by your in-scene VR character. Think of games and scenarios in which you’re flying through the air or space, or travelling under the sea. You control your direction as though you were a bird, or a fish. Great fun, we think, but perhaps a bit bulky.

HP Spectre 13 notebook computer

We weren’t going to mention this seeing as how we’ve been raving about this computer for months, including in our review, but we simply had to since at CES 2017 the HP Spectre 13 notebook computer was awarded “Best of Innovations: Computer Hardware and Components”.

As the award committee noted, “It is made for the customer that wants cutting edge technology in the thinnest form factor ever.”

LG “Instaview” fridge

We had bit of a rave about this the other day, seeing it as the first “smart” fridge that might actually be worthwhile. The ability to see through the 29 inch display on one of the doors could be quite useful, but most important is the ability to interact with it via Amazon’s Alexa voice system.

But one word of caution. There is one fundamental mismatch in this kind of device. You typically expect to use your fridge for up to a decade, or perhaps even longer. But the electronic technology will be starting to look rather old hat within two or three years.

K’Track Glucose activity and health tracker band

Every company and its dog has a tracker band out, sometimes half a dozen models. Quite a few of these double as smart watches, but their prime focus is usually on health, as it should be.

And while it’s great that we can use gadgets to help you us healthier, some health needs have typically been underserved. This is where the K’Track Glucose comes in. In addition to tracking steps, distance and calories consumed in exercise, the device monitors blood glucose level, without having to stick you.

This is a gadget that isn’t just for fun, but something that can potentially do quite a bit of good for diabetics.

Netgear Nighthawk X10 R9000 WiFi router

Network infrastructure is far from sexy, but having those files transfer in seconds rather than minutes, and that video stream smoothly without interrupting the flow of high fidelity music in a multiroom audio system, well that certainly is sexy.