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The Netgear Nighthawk offers the latest standard – 801.11ad – which utilises a new higher frequency band to potentially quadruple throughput. The nominal WiFi speed is 7.2 Gbps. You can stream 4K video wirelessly, while doing all the other stuff as well. It also packs a four core, 1.7GHz CPU so that everything is managed well. There are also seven gigabit Ethernet ports.

Just the kind of thing to make sure your home or small office will be futureproofed for the next few years.

Sleep Number 360 smart bed

And surely anyone having flown home from Las Vegas after checking all the goodies at CES 2017 would be after a good night’s sleep to align them again with our Australian time zones. Another innovation award winner, then, is was the Sleep Number 360 smart bed.

A smart bed? Yes, it adjusts firmness and support continuously throughout the night, making changes as required to ensure that your sleep is optimised. And it does this individually for both sides, so you don’t get rolled around by your partner.

Best of all, the auto back tilt can raise the partner’s head and back by a few degrees when the bed senses the snores commencing.