‘The Closer’, a high-tech bottle opener from Heineken makes sure you knock off on time

The Closer Bluetooth bottle opener Heineken

Heineken has proven itself to be an ally of the working class, thanks to its novel Bluetooth-enabled bottle opener that helps you switch off from work.

Labelled “The Closer”, the bottle opener connects with your computer or laptop via Bluetooth. When it’s beer o’clock at the end of the day and you use The Closer to open a bottle, it sends a signal to put your device in sleep mode, signalling the end of the working day. If you work a job where a midday frothy is permitted, it could also serve as a lunch break reminder, too.

Activated by motion, The Closer’s signal is set off whenever it moves upwards with enough force to open a bottle. In the device details, Heineken recommends you only pair the opener with a single device, as its effectiveness reduces when connected to multiple devices at once.

While it’s often something we take on the chin, overwork is an Australian affliction

Willemijn Sneep

More than just a fun gimmick, The Closer represents a movement to “Work Responsibly” and restore work-life balance to overworked employees. According to research from the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work, the average worker puts in 1.5 hours of unpaid overtime every week, which adds up to eight 38-hour weeks a year. Additionally, Australian employers receive free labour to the tune of $125 billion every year, something Willemijn Sneep, Heineken Country Manager for Australia, wants to address.

“We want to spark a much-needed conversation about the importance of work-life boundaries and the reprioritisation of our social and leisure time, so everyone can feel empowered to log off and enjoy their personal time,” Sneep said.

“We know the issue is a complicated one and of course won’t solely be solved by The Closer. The Closer isn’t just about the technology, it’s a social provocation to help people see that the pressure to work all the time is evident and more needs to be done.”

The Closer is in limited supply, with Heineken offering the chance for Aussies to win one of the novelty devices via the company’s Facebook page. More information about the bottle opener and links to Heineken’s social media pages can be found on the official website.

As far as promotions go, this is a pretty damn good one. It’s clever, practical, and delivers a strong message. Now, switch off your devices, clock out, and enjoy a beverage of your choosing.

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