One of the world’s biggest toy makers has given GadgetGuy a preview of what’s new and awesome, and heading to stores for Aussie younglings this Christmas. Start making your wish-lists now.

This week, Hasbro showed off its latest and greatest wares, many of which will arrive in the toy sections of department stores, waiting for your kids to point them out and say “I want that one!”

We were shown a new version of Monopoly, some new My Little Pony gear (with the first ever male My Little Pony), and even some new Transformers toys, but we’re hear for the gadgety toys, and there’s quite a few of those this year.

Twister is one of them, receiving the full on tech treatment with a revitalisation from the dancing games that are popular at the moment.

Twister Dance arrives in a small speaker with colour LEDs in the box, and a few sets of colourful plastic circles.

The concept is this: put down the plastic circles on the ground, turn on the Twister Dance box, pick a song you want to dance to, and then as the music is playing through the built-in loudspeaker, watch the colour lights and dance on the spot.