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There are so many Bluetooth speakers out there that we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone had at least one in their life. But if you’re a little more active than most, one brand springs to mind, and its new model is for people who aren’t afraid to get wet.

This week, Logitech’s “Ultimate Ears” brand is pulling the covers off a new speaker designed for people who might head outside a little more than those of us grabbing a speaker for the park.

In fact, if you frequent the beach or the pool a little more than the average punter and appreciate a good dose of sound while you’re there, you may find yourself falling for the latest product in the Ultimate Ears speaker line-up.

Heading to stores shortly, the speaker is the sequel to one we first saw back in 2013, the UE Boom.


Back then, Ultimate Ears — which we also refer to as UE — was known more for fantastic in-ear monitors and great headphones, and these were sound products that came from a few people known for working with music greats Van Halen.

The Boom wasn’t UE’s first speaker, but it was one of the first speakers to break out of the mould of other devices, packing in a 360 degree omni-directional sound into a cylinder, and bringing in one of the industry’s first examples of water resistance to a speaker.

As far as we understand, UE was fairly successful with the original Boom, with reviewers and customers both falling over it, and this allowed the company to produce a bigger Boom in the “Megaboom”, as well as a smaller model called the “Roll” only recently.

But the original Boom and its nearly 600ml-bottle-of-drink-sized form-factor have more or less been left the way they were since it originally came out, though from what we understand, it is fairly hard to find now.

Turns out, however, there’s a good reason as to why the UE Boom is hard to find: a new model has arrived.

Called the “Boom 2”, Ultimate Ears isn’t just adding a few colours or a new number and hoping for the best, but both of those bits are here.


“We took the basic form and said ‘look we don’t want to mess with it; it’s popular, it works everyone seems to like it [so] how can we make it better?’” Logitech’s John Paterson said to GadgetGuy this week, telling us that it had spent time improving the materials and making the weave tighter, which also had led to an improvement in water-proofing in comparison to the original.

While the first Boom was rated for IPX4 making it splash-resistant, the UE Boom 2 is IPX7 which is better known as water-proof.