You are about to lose 7GB on the next Windows 10 update

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The next major Windows 10 update is going to appropriate 7Gb (or more) of your hard disk space – and it is about time. Too many Windows Updates fail because people have filled their drives.

Microsoft says that the proliferation of smaller 32/64/128GB devices means that there is inadequate space to install Windows updates so it will reserve around 7GB in a new Storage Reserve Partition.

Without Storage Reserve, if a user almost fills up their storage, several Windows and application scenarios become unreliable. Windows and applications need temporary space – without it, they may not work as expected. 

With Storage Reserve, updates, apps, temporary files, and caches won’t take space away from C: Drive. It will automatically install on devices updating to Windows version 1903.


Windows 1903

These days it is Windows as a Service (WaaS). Every other week it patches and updates roll out to ensure maximum performance and security.

Version 1903 is not due to April but here are a few things it has.

Acrylic effect: While more cosmetic it adds an acrylic, translucent effect (part of a new fluid design) to enable users to see what is on sub-screens. It also has more ‘hover over’ pop-ups to explain what something does and auto-expand to see options. A new Light Theme brings lighter colours to menus and taskbars.
Cortana and Search part company: Cortana is Windows voice assistant, and from what we can gather she was not very much in demand as a Search interface. She is still there, but you have to activate her. Amazon Alexa is making inroads on Windows devices. Search indexing can now cover the whole of the drive – not just My Files.
Action icons: When you are not on the internet it will alert you. If you hover over an icon, e.g. microphone, it will tell you what devices are using it. When something needs attention, it will show.
Quick action centre: Includes a screen brightness slider and it is easier to pin and unpin actions
Game Bar: a new gallery of screenshots and the ability to share content directly to Twitter.
Remove more baked-in apps: You can remove almost all ‘baked-in’ apps like 3D Viewer, Paint 3D etc.,
Security Key: It will natively support physical keys like Yubico Yubikey (no drivers or apps needed)
Troubleshooting: Simplified to fix most common issues instead of having to select networking, internet etc.
Microsoft Edge: Will start to use the Chrome engine
Font management: get a major overhaul
More emoji: It will have Kaomoji and Symbols as well as Emoji 12.
Windows Sandbox: Run untrusted programs and apps without harming your device. It creates a virtual machine on the fly (Window 10 Pro and Enterprise). Windows Security also has tamper protection to stop others from changing its settings.
Phone/PC integration: Windows and Android/iOS will become more seamless with the Your Phone App.
Narrator: much more useful.

GadgetGuy’s take

There are dozens of new features but from what I can see no new functionality – it’s more about making it even easier to use. And the 7GB Storage Reserve is a long time overdue. If you have a larger drive you can disable it.