Hands on with the all new iPad 2022

GadgetGuy’s Valens Quinn unboxes the 10th gen iPad! Take a look at what is inside the box along with the Magic Keyboard Folio.


Hey guys, Val Quinn here from GadgetGuy. So I have the new iPad here which I’m going to unbox and check out. This is the yellow one, there are a couple of other colours as well. There’s a blue, silver and then there’s like a pinkish one, but we’ve got the yellow so let’s have a look and see what’s inside.

It really is yellow, it’s a little bit metallic, it’s not like Daisy yellow but it’s kind of got a nice metallic finish to it. I don’t mind it actually, it’s a bit fun, a bit of colour here. It’s nice to have something new with the iPad and that’s the other thing that’s really important is this is the first time the iPad has had a redesign.

So what they’ve done is they’ve actually taken away the really wide bezel around the outside, now the screen stretches all the way to the edges as well. There’s no more home button so this is just like the others, you have to swipe up. Plus there’s a USB-C connector here as well, meaning that you don’t use a Lightning Port anymore. Lastly, the actual on button which is on the side here, it doubles as a fingerprint sensor so you press it like that and you get the fingerprint. But most importantly, the front FaceTime camera is located here, that means that when then you actually use it you use it in this orientation and when you’re looking at the camera, you’re not it’s dead center, whereas normally when the camera is on the side, you look at the camera and you’re kind of not looking straight on. So that’s a really good improvement and really happy to see that.

Otherwise, this has got the A15 chip in it, so it’s more powerful, more battery economical meaning it’ll last longer, and it really should have lots of grunt for most things. The only downside is it uses the Apple Pencil version 1 which is kind of frustrating. But normally you have to plug the Pencil into the lightning connector here but now that it’s a USB-C, they give you an adapter so that’s the only other downside.

So just quickly, what else do you get in the box? Looks like you get a 20 watt charger and a fancy braided USB-C connector. And that’s everything in the box, but there are a couple other things.

We have the new Apple Smart Folio. This is pretty much the same as before, it just folds over and it’s a bit of a front and back cover to protect your iPad. But the one that’s really cool, is the Magic Keyboard Folio. Now this one I’m excited about because it is a two-piece design, which even the other Magic Keyboard that you get on the iPad Pro doesn’t do, meaning that you can have just the keyboard attached, or just the back of it attached to protect the back, or both! Also, the keyboard now has as a track pad which is fantastic, driving your iPad with a trackpad is just a new experience. It’s almost more laptop-like so that’s a really good thing. And lastly, it uses the Smart Connector as well meaning that it will power the keyboard and sync to it, so you don’t have to worry about Bluetooth connections or anything else like that. It’s got a little stand, so you can fold out a stand and then the keyboard part folds down. So it’s super cool and this is definitely a good attachment to have. I really like it and I think that it’ll make it more like a laptop.

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