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GadgetGuy: There is a silver lining to the ACCC’s ruling on Free Lifetime Maps – but it will take some effort

The ACCC pointed out that under Australian Consumer Law you have inalienable consumer rights. “We also encourage consumers to invoke their consumer rights if they believe they have been misled or are not getting what they paid for.”

You should be able to receive a refund if you bought the Satnav because of an expectation of free lifetime maps. It is unreasonable to expect that you went to a website to read ‘exceptions’ or had sufficient legal expertise to understand conditions are obscure or not clear on the packaging.

 Or, you can demand a repair (not possible if the device has insufficient memory) or a replacement with a similarly sized device that does have map updates.

Finally, compensation for damages is possible if out-of-date map data caused the issue.

GadgetGuy urges its readers to keep us in the loop with your experiences and repeats that after shoddy, miserable treatment received from TomTom that any other brand is preferable.